JustASwing of the Hellacious Acres



 Jalaine winning Best Veteran at the GRCN Clubshow 1998


Breeders : M.v.Maren

Owner:John Kuijpers

HD: B1


DoB: 08-12'89


Results: 2 Res.CC's -Best Veteran GRCN 1998




Ch.Bashful of the Hellacious Acres Nor.Ch.Camillo Nor.Ch.camrose Voravey
Casata of camrose
Ch.Westley Beedee Ch.Jescot Galahad
Ch.Westley Martha
Ch.Chessina of the Hellacious Acres Ch.Westley Floyd Ch.Lacons Enterprice
Ch.Westley Mabella
Danish Guinverre v/d Drunenborgh Ch.Crouchers Xavier
Whispering v/d Drunenborgh


Jalaine's Litters:

Multi.Ch.Standfast Angus

Ch.Orson Wells of Glen Shellag

Multi.Ch.Fiveshill How Dare You