bred or owned by us:


Multi.Ch.Blissfull of the Hellacious Acres

Ch.Standfast Angus x Ch.Westley Catharina


Multi.Ch.Fiveshill Full of Style

Ch.Gunhills Summer Daimond x Ch.Blissfull of the Hellacious Acres


Multi.Ch.Fiveshill How Dare You

Fiveshill Amazing Snowflake x Rossbourne Linnet


Multi.Ch.Fiveshill My Mysterious Girl

Fiveshill Firecracker x Fiveshill Everlasting Story


Ch.Fiveshill Kiss A Frog

Perrimay Flamboyant x Rossbourne Linnet


Ch.Fiveshill Wishing On A Star

Ch.Miray's Dream Mc.Mnenonic x Ch.Fiveshill Kiss A Frog


Int.Ch.Trialer.Fiveshill Lover of Mauny

Ch.Jaskar Alexander x Fiveshill Action Skoatter


Int.Ch.Fiveshill Sea Hawk

Ch.Dewmist Satellite x Fiveshill Nickel and Dime


Ch.Gunhills Over The Moon

Channri Country Squire x Gunhills Darby


Ch.Fiveshill Silent Observer

Ch.Fiveshill How Dare You x Fiveshill Irish Cheerleader


Ch.Dewmist Satellite

Ch.Telkaro Daimond Dust x Ch.Dewmist Shaquille


Ch.Fiveshill Raindancer

Ch.Gunhills over the Moon ex Fiveshill Nickel and Dime


Jun.Ch.Rus.Ch.Fiveshill Rosalinde

 Int.Ch.Mitcharron Love Bug x Classic Rhythm Jeanton 




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