2002 -2003 



Added Fiveshill Silent Revenge and Fiveshill Amazing Snowflake to Our Dogs



Today we went to the Amsterdam Winner 2004, 

Fiveshill Raindancer was 4th in openclass, number 2 and 3 were also daughters from Gunhills over the Moon, 

Dewmist Satellite BW'03 was with the best 8 in openclass.


photo's by A.Stuijts-Schellekens and M.A.Bazin



Fiveshill Silent Observer ( Multi.Ch.Fiveshill How Dare You ex Fiveshill Irish Cheerleader ) finaly at his new home in ServiŽ and Montenegro, we wish Jelena, Bosko and Sylvana lots of succes with "Toto" in the near future.


Fiveshill Silent Memory will soon take the trip to Canada, for his new owners Joey and Gary, we wish them also goodluck with "Dutch".




During the in Bleiswijk (NL), 

Fiveshill Moon Commander was 2nd in Open class, very nice result for this young boy at his second show.Judge Mrs.Roed ( DK)

photo Terry Bishop




Today we had a very good day at the Clubshow DRC in Bonn Germany, 

Fiveshill Raindancer was 3rd in Openclass and 

Dewmist Satellite won CAC/VDH.CH and became Best Dog and CLUBSIEGER 2004, judge Mrs.J.Ryder (Jaskar).


                   photo Jurgen Ruter                




During the Int.Ch.Sh.Rotterdam (NL) 

Fiveshill Raindancer won the RES.CC and her brother 

Fiveshill RainStorm was 3rd in Open dog.....Judge was Mr.Dan Ericson from Sweden.


Fiveshill Raindancer



Today we went to the Clubshow from the GRCB, 

Classic Rhythm Jeanton and Fiveshill Raindancer were awarded with Excellent and 

Fiveshill Moonshine Tess was 4th in Breeders class, breed judge was Mrs.B.Keighley (GB)


Fiveshill Moonshine Tess



During the in Hulten Holland, 

Dewmist Satellite Bw'03 was 1th in openclass with Excellent.




Sad news today, we lost our Fiveshill Action Skoatter ( Lislone Kallan x Go-Get-Lost of the Hellacious Acres ) at 13.5 years old, her mind was clear, but her body said no!!!

bye bye sweet Angie, say hello to Boundith, Jacky, Katie your mom, and Jalaine at the end of the rainbow...


  Fiveshill Action Skoatter 


30 -05-2004 

We went to the Int.Ch.Sh. show in Arnhem today, 

Fiveshill Wishing On A Star (Seters) won CAC/CACIB/BOS

Fiveshill Rainstorm won Excellent and 

Classic Rhythm Jeanton was placed 4th in Junior.


Fiveshill Wishing On A Star & Classic Rhythm Jeanton



The GRCN Champion Clubsshow , 

Dewmist Capolavoro JW'96 was shown in the Veteran Class and was awarded Excellent, 

Fiveshill Raindancer was 2nd in a very big (46) Breeders Class, judge was Mrs.V.Clarke .


Dewmist Capolavoro Jw'96 and Fiveshill Raindancer 

( photo's Piet Both )



Today we went to the openair CAC show in Echt with 

Fiveshill Raindancer, she was 2nd in open class under Mrs.Y.Mannings.




New photo's from Fiveshill Moon Commander ,  and Classic Rhythem Jeanton,thanks to Marie-Alpais Bazin (Fr)




 Int.Ch.Sh. Hoogstraten Belgium, we won the Double today, 

Fiveshill Raindancer won CAC/CACIB/BOB and 

Dewmist Satellite BW'03 won CAC/CACIB/BOS

judge was Mrs.Lynn Kipps from the UK.


Fiveshill Raindancer


Dewmist Satellite BW'03


Many thanks Anne-Marie for your help.....and also Mrs.Lynn Kipps for the wonderful day !!



Today we went to Gent in Belgium, 

Dewmist Satellite was 3rd in open and 

Fiveshill Raindancer had an Excellent.



At the first in Holland (Eindhoven) 

Fiveshill Raindancer won the Res.CAC and Res.CACIB.

Judge Mrs. M.Holm.Hansen (DK)