We are proud with the fact that Gunhills over the Moon is Top Studdog 2003, his progeny won the most CC's in 2003, Top Broodbitch 2003 is Multi.Ch.Fiveshill My Mysterious Girl , Runner-Up for Topwinning bitch 2003, together with another Neal daughter is Fiveshill Raindancer.



During the last show in 2003, the Int.Ch.Sh.Wijchen, 

Gunhills over the Moon had an Excellent,

but his son Fiveshill Moon Commander kept the flag flying and won 2nd in Junior.




Today we went to Brussel (B) 

Dewmist Satellite, became "Belgian Winner" with CAC/CACIB/BOB under Mrs.Ann Carol Pamment (UK), this CAC/CACIB counts for double.....and he qualified for Crufts

Dewmist Satellite



We went to Dortmund Germany for the Bundessieger Show, 

Fiveshill Moonshine Tess won RJCAC at her first show and Dewmist Satellite was 3th in open class.


05-09-2002   New pictures Dewmist Satellite and Fiveshill Moonshine Tess



nt.Ch.Sh.Show Rotterdam, 

Gunhills over The Moon was 2nd in open 

and his daughter Fiveshill Raindancer was graded Excellent, the CAC/CACIB and RCAC/RCACIB bitches were won by Gunhills over The Moon daughters, well done...



We went to the Belgium GRCB Ch.clubshow with 4 dogs 

Fiveshill Nickle and Dime was 4th in the breeders class 

and her daughter Fiveshill Raindancer was 2nd in open, 

Fiveshill Moon Commander showed for the first time and was 3th in Junior, 

Dewmist Capolavoro Jw'96 was Best Veteran In Show.....judges Mrs and Mr.Strudwick (UK) 

photo Piet Both

Dewmist Capolavoro Jw'96   BVIS



Added Fiveshill Dare to Be Perfect



Fiveshill Raindancer did it again, she won the CAC and BOS at the Ch.Show in Echt (NL) judge was Mrs.G.Groeneweg de Klerk.




  Fiveshill Raindancer won CAC/CACIB/BOB during the Int.Ch.Sh. in Arnhem (NL), judge was Mr.J.v.d Berg (NL).




We went with 4 of our dogs to the Worldshow in Germany, 

Fiveshill Raindancer was 3th in a lovely openclass and 

Gunhills over the Moon was graded Excellent, both shown by Rachel Rains (Gunhills), 

Fiveshill Irish Cheerleader was graded Very Good, 

and Dewmist Satellite made it with the best 10 in Junior.



At the GRCN Clubshow, Gunhills over the Moon won the title, BEST STUDDOG, many thanks to the owners who came with 7 of his children out of 7 different mothers.

Neal was entered in the openclass and was with the best 10.



Added Katie and Jalaine to "The Past" page, they will be in our mind forever....



Added new pictures from Dewmist Satellite,Fiveshill Raindancer, Irish Cheerleader, and her sister Irish Linnet has her own site now, many thanks to her owner Waal for making the pictures.Added also new progeny from Neal to the site.



Within 3 weeks after Jalaine we also lost Katie: Go get Lost of the Hellacious Acres at 14,5 years of age, two very precious girls, our next litter will be linebred to her.



We lost Justaswing of the Hellacious Acres at 13 years of age, she will be sadly missed.



Added Dewmist Satellite to Our Dogs



nt.Ch.Sh.Hoogstraten Belgium

Dewmist Satellite became BEST DOG out of Junior, 

Fiveshill Raindancer won the Res.CAC/CACIB

judge was Mrs.T.Godefroy (Fenwood)



At the biggest open show in Holland ,2 of our youngsters made their debut; 

Fiveshill Irish Cheerleader was 2nd in Junior and 

Dewmist Satellite was also 2nd in Junior, 

Fiveshill Wishing on A Star was 2nd in open.